High-Quality Repair and Maintenance Work by Licensed Professionals

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Do you want to get some technical or appliance repair or replacement of faulty parts? It is crucial to hire a professional for all the repair and technical work for the correct diagnosis and resolution. Drill & Hammerprovides repair services by experienced and certified technicians for higher efficiency and performance.

The qualified and trained professionals provide quality technical services in Abu Dhabi ensuring long-term warranted repair. The maintenance for all the household and commercial equipment and appliances like air conditioning, lighting system, plumbing, water pumps, etc. is necessary for longevity

Quality Services for Maintaining Long Term Performance Efficiency

The AC repair services Abu Dhabi provided by the technicians detect minor to major issues in the air conditioner. Yearly maintenance and servicing help in cleaning the air filter, checking for coolant or gas, and possible leaks or damage. The AC repair is provided for all the brands of air conditioners.

The experts are certified with all types of electrical repair and plumbing work. For all electrical fixing work, licensed electricians have all the tools and take care of safety measures while conducting the work. The electricians are specialized in wiring, upgrading circuit boards, replacing faulty switches, fixing sockets, and trouble any short circuit.

Certified Service Providers for Home Give Guaranteed Work

The services are not only limited to appliance and equipment repair. There is a range of handyman, renovation, and cleaning services Abu Dhabi provided by the experts. With hiring a licensed service provider, it comes with a warranty and guarantees of the quality of the work. 

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